miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Thank you for the lunch.

We love you, Andrea!
Thanks Rodrigo!
Thanks Diego!
Thanks Valeria!
Thanks David!
Thanks Óscar !

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

A Visit to the Zoo

We will visit San Juan de Aragón Zoo!

Welcome to the Zoo!
It was time to eat lunch!
First we saw the swans.
The Mexican wolf was there.
It is not so clear to see  the sea wolf from the Patagonia.
This sea wolf is from California.
It is huge!

They are buffalos.

The elephants are from Asia and Africa.

These are chimpanzees.

These are aquatic antelopes.
This is a crowned crane.
The giraffe was eating.
We couldn't see the hippo.
It is a baby zebra and it is with a Ñu Antelope.

They are Temazate deer.
These are guacamallas.
We saw the spider monkeys.
We went to the aviary.

The tigrillo was resting.
The American Flamingos were beautiful!

The Jaguars were taking a ride.

We found a toucan sulfur chest.
There were many parrots.

Almost time to go back to school! We are tired!
Behind the fence there was an Andean condor.
Also there were two rojinegra eagles.

Finally we saw a face face breaks bones. It was a great ride!