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Narrator /Isabella Flores:   In a beautiful Kingdom called Arendelle lived the Queen, the King         and their two daughters Anna and Elsa.  Elsa had a magical secret: the power to create ice and snow.

(Anna y Elsa están jugando en el salón del castillo en donde hacen un muñeco de nieve y un tobogán y sin querer Elsa le pega a Anna y cae al suelo)

Elsa /Julia: Oh my God !!!! Anna are you Ok? Dad, Mom come quickly.

King/Alonso : What happened?

Queen/Valeria del Villar: Oh sweet heart!!!

(Se acercan a Anna)

King / Alonso: Let's  take the girls to the trolls.

Queen/Valerlia: They know what to do.

(llegan con los trolls y le ponen las manos en el pecho y la cabeza curándola )

Troll/Ivanna: Anna is now Ok.

Troll/Regina Plata: She won't remember anything. You have to be very careful  because Elsa's power will be stronger day by day.

Narrator/Isabella: Some years later the parents got lost in the sea.

Elsa/Julia: Today is my great day!!!! I'm going to be the new Queen .

Anna/ Leyre: I'm very excited to meet Hans a handsome Prince!!!!

(Anna conoce al príncipe y se enamoran a primera vista)
(Anna se acerca a Elsa junto con el príncipe )

Anna/ Leyre: Elsa, I want to introduce Hans, now we are engaged!!!!

Elsa/Julia: You cannot marry Hans. You have just met him.

(Sale Elsa del castillo congelando todo y diciendo....)

Elsa /Julia: Don't get closer I don't want to hurt anyone!!!!

Narrator/Isabella F.: Elsa went to the Mountain of the North and Anna went to look for her.

(Anna conoce a Kristoff y le pide ayuda)

Anna /Leyre: Can you help me? I need to find my sister.

Kristoff / Sebastián: Sure, we can go now.

Sven/ José Diego: Yes, Let's go.

(Ya en la montaña)

Kristoff/Sebastián : What a beautiful winter view. It's awesome.

Sven/ José Diego: I like white!!!

Olaf/Alec: What about some color?. Hello my name is Olaf. Elsa made me.

Anna /Leyre: Do you know Where is she?

Kristoff/Sebastián : Please tell us where we can find Elsa. It is very important because we need the summer to come back.

Sven/ José Diego: Let's go!!!!

(Llegan al castillo de Elsa y se encuentran con 2 guardias)

Guard/Paulo: What are you doing in this place?

Guard/Máximo : You cannot be here.

Kristoff/Sebastián: My friends can help us.

(Se van a buscar a los trolls amigos de Kristoff, llegan con ellos y......)

Troll/Regina: Your heart was charmed with ice and if you don't break this charm in one day you will be totally frozen.

Troll/Ivanna: Just a true love can melt this charm.

Narrator/Isabella F:  Kristoff decided to take Anna to Arendelle to look for Hans her true love.

(Anna se encuentra con Hans)

Anna/Leyre: I was charmed with ice in my heart and I need the kiss of a true love to melt it.

Hans/José Luis: Jajaja I hope you can find it because I don't love you.

(Hans deja a Anna y se va a buscar a sus guardias)

Hans/José Luis: Go and bring back Queen Elsa.

(Traen a Elsa al castillo y la encierran, ella con sus poderes logra salirse)

(Olaf llega al salón en donde está Anna convirtiendose en hielo y la ayuda a salir)

Olaf/Alec: Anna come with me I will help you

Anna/Leyre: Ok

(Mientras tanto Hans encuentra a Elsa)

Elsa/Julia: Don't hurt me

Hans/José Luis: I have to do this because I want to become King of Arendelle.

Narrator/Isabella F: Anna saw  when Hans wanted to hurt her sister and she stood in front of Elsa. She became totally frozen and when Hans hit Anna the sword was broken.

(Anna se descongela, Kristoff se acerca y le dice....)

Olaf/Alec: This was a trully act of love.

(Las  2 hermanas se abrazan)

Kristoff/Sebastián: A real act of love can melt a fozen heart.

Olaf/Alec: Now Arendelle is not frozen anymore and I can enjoy my summer time with my cloud.

Everybody: Arendelle is a nice place to live in!!!!!

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