jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Clausura 2015-2016 Pre-First

Jules Verne School, clausura y premiación del ciclo escolar 2015-2016.
Rodrigo Rubio Maxemin "ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AWARD" El mejor promedio en Pre-First.
Rodrigo Rubio Maxemin "Excellence" El mejor promedio de Preescolar.
Felicidades a toda la familia!
                                         "Hugo, My Asperger Friend"
Hello, we are in Pre-First at Jules Verne School.
We have been in the same school for three years.
Here we have met good friends and classmates.
All are different from each other. Some are good speakers, some are shy.
But there is one partner that took us more time to understand.
Time passed and we noticed that he could be a good friend. He is Hugo and we are going to talk about him.
In the first day of class, Hugo arrived late and the teacher was in the classroom.
Good morning Miss Fernanda, I am late because I couldn't find my classroom.
Don't worry! Here is your place. What's your name?
My name is Hugo.
During recess we all play together with the ball.
Always Hugo was playing alone with his dinosaurs or reading.
I remember, he was the first one to learn how to read.
One day Hugo talked about dinosaurs in front of the group and he was very happy.
He never understood jokes or ironies.
Hugo, I note that you don't like dinosaurs!
Why do you say that! I love dinosaurs !
It' s a joke!
Sometimes he didn't answer what we want to know.
Another day my homework was about dinosaurs and I went to the library.
But I didn't find any book.
Our friend Hugo is different.
Our friend Hugo is like us.
Our friend Hugo is Asperger.
                                         " Best Friends Forever "
Karol y Santiago
Regina y Rodrigo
Aitana y David
Ximena y Natalia
Michelle y Natalia 
Diana y Máximo 
Fernanda y Luis Rodrigo
Ana Paulina y Kinam

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